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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What are the best seasons to enjoy Gulf seafood?

Crawfish season is typically November through June.

The best time for fresh Crab is April through October.

Shrimp is best enjoyed all year long.


How will I know how to reheat the prepared foods I ordered?

Heating instructions for some of our favorite selections are available here: Heating Instructions.


How many pounds of Crawfish do you recommend per person?

Live or boiled Crawfish is delivered with the shell. As a meal size, we recommend that you allow 3 to 5 lbs. per person.


How many pounds of Shrimp do you recommend per person?

We recommend 1 to 2 lbs. of fresh or boiled Shrimp (in the shell) per person.


What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


Do you guarantee live delivery of Crawfish and Crab?

When we ship live product a small percentage of the product will not make it.


What if my order is damaged?

If your order is damaged, please notify us by phone or email within 48 hours of delivery.


Can I cancel my order?

Once an order is placed on-line it cannot be canceled or changed.


My order is missing items, what should I do?

Please notify us immediately by calling 504-834-1225.


Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. The products will not make the travel time or U.S. Customs process.


Do you ship internationally?

We do not ship internationally.


Do you offer any discount pricing for bulk orders?

Discount pricing may be available for bulk orders. Please call Deanie’s directly.


What if I can’t find an item I am looking for?

If you do not find an item you are looking for, please call Deanie’s directly at 504-835-4638.


Can I use my Deanie's gift card to make purchases online?

Shopdeanies.com is unable to process gift card payments at this time. To place an order using a Deanie's Seafood gift card, please call our market at 504-834-1225.


What if you haven't answered my questions?

If you have a question not addressed above, please Chandra Chifici at 504-835-4638 or email chandra@deanies.com.